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Apr, 2022

Field Opening and Equipment Pickup, Saturday April 2nd.

Field Opening and Gear Swap

On Saturday, April 2nd at 8:00AM we will be opening the fields and could use some help to get the complex ready for the season. The more people that show-up the quicker we will be out of there! Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Things to do:
  Cleaning out batting cages and dug outs

  Setting up picnic tables
  Walk the fields to clean up remaining leaves and trash
  Put out sponsor banners

Things to bring

  Backpack blower 

During the field opening event, we plan to have all of the Equipment Exchange gear we collected on the 26th available at the Pavilion for any player or family member to pick up any items that they may need for this season.

Items will be free and you will not need to donate in order to take any gear or equipment. It will be the responsibility of the "buyer"' to inspect and clean any of the equipment prior to it being used by their athlete. Any equipment that is not taken at the exchange will be donated following the event.

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